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Forest School Blog WE 7.10.22

Pupils have been busy in Forest School this week with planting bulbs, ready for the spring. Some of our complex, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes have been planting bulbs at the bottom of the Forest School area so that the area looks more appealing and colourful during the spring months.

Some of the pupils have found it particularly challenging due to the ground being quite hard and there are a few well-established trees in that area so roots have been an issue. However, pupils have shown their resilience and we are approximately half way through. The pupils will continue to use the rest of this and next week to make sure that they are planted evenly over the ground.

Early years classes have continued to work with natural resources and have been taking part in activities such as conker threading, weighing conkers using balance scales, conker snails, counting conkers and making faces using natural resources. The mud kitchen is up and running and more pupils are taking advantage of the messy play area.

Jellyfish Class are coming to the end of their Aladdin story and today we added sand to our narrative, as Aladdin walks through the desert to get to the cave full of treasure!


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