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Forest School Meeting Minutes 10.05.24

Friday 10th May 2024.

Present – Catherine Hunter, Becky Wood, AG (Dolphins), EW (Lobsters) 

MM (Starfish), DMR (Rays), UR (Jellyfish), KP (Octopus), HB (Penguins), HH(Fish). 

Apologies – AW (Seals), MB (Whales), DR (Seahorses), MG (Turtles) 



  1. Red plastic recycling bin in the hall. 

  1. Monitor the progress of the bottle top initiative for Burton Rerun. 

  1. Distribute ‘save energy’ and ‘save water’ posters around the school. 

  1. Scatter seed bombs. 


  1. MM from Starfish Class previously noted that there was no plastic recycling bin in the hall at lunchtimes and raised it at the meeting that he thought that it would be a good idea to have one. Especially for the children that bring packed lunches and could possibly bring plastic water bottles or juice bottles.  MM delivered the bin into the hall during the meeting and informed the kitchen staff that it needed to be visible so encourage pupils to dispose of their plastic waste. 


  1. Catherine Hunter is awaiting confirmation with Burton ReRun whether they will be joining an Eco-Committee meeting, to discuss and show pupils their community-based project work and why recycling is really important for the environment. 


  1. At the previous Eco meeting, committee members designed and coloured several posters to put around the school, near light switches and taps.  This was to remind staff and pupils not to waste water and energy, by turning taps off and lights.  The posters have been reduced in size and placed in the communal areas and classrooms.  


  1. As part of our Eco-Schools award, it was planned that pupils would leave an area of grass in the Forest School area to grow and would not be mowed until after summer.  This was to create a biodiverse environment to attract wildlife.  Classes had previously made seed bombs during their Forest School sessions, which had successfully dried.  Eco-committee members took the seed bombs to the grass area and scattered the bombs, which will hopefully grow to produce the meadow. 




  1. To confirm date with Burton Rerun representative. 

  1. To observe the progress of the wildflower meadow. 



Next Meeting – Friday 7th June 2024 at 12.15pm 


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