Some children in school need to follow a Life Skills curriculum. These children are aged between years 4-6 and are mostly non-verbal children on the Autistic Spectrum. All of these children’s destinations will be ‘highly supported living’ of one kind or another when they reach school leaving age. Therefore, we have created a curriculum that is well matched to these children’s learning levels but also prepares them for life after school. Within the structure of the classroom, there are symbolic play opportunities that directly link to real-life community experiences that the children will face in life, such as ‘going to the dentist’ as well as an area where children are able to regulate their highly complex sensory needs. Alongside this, carefully planned activities give the children the chance to practice and develop key skills around a topic, giving each child some breadth and developing some basic English and Maths Knowledge. widening their experience of life.

Children who are taught through this curriculum have their progress recorded in their Learning Journal and assessed through the Autism Progress profiling tool, which has been created by B squared. This summative assessment tool is designed for use across the classroom and has been developed by the assessment specialists B Squared, in collaboration with experts from three leading charities – Autism Wessex, Scottish Autism and the North East Autism Society. Experienced Special Educational Needs teachers, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists have also helped to develop and finalise the content.


This tool helps to build a profile of a child through a set of progressive levels in the following areas of autism:
• Communication
• Flexibility of Thought
• Social Interaction
• Emotional Regulation


In some circumstances, a child may also have their progress assessed through the Pre-Key Stage standards. This approach ensures that every child is given a personalised approach to the curriculum and has the opportunity to access the learning and progress they need.

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