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Beyond the Classroom
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Education

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education is embedded in our school ethos and curriculum pathways. We value the importance of SMSC and aspire for all of our children to develop an understanding of SMSC suited to their own individual cognitive ability. We have an extensive Cultural Capital offer that provides opportunities for the children beyond the classroom, preparing them for later life.

At Fountains, to help our children achieve their potential through SMSC we will:

  • Hold whole school events and celebrations

  • Personalise curriculum pathways

  • Develop an awareness and respect for diversity

  • Develop an understanding of right and wrong

  • Develop greater independence

  • Promote our children to accept responsibility for their behaviour and show initiative

  • Encourage children to make their own choices

  • Introduce various communication skills which allow choices to be made about likes/dislikes in school and educational visits in the wider community

  • Encourage children to part in sporting and cultural opportunities

  • Develop an awareness of Fundamental British Value (FBV).

  • Teach and promote our school values which develop each child’s Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

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Spiritual - SMSC.png

Children are encouraged to have a sense of self and pride for who they are as an individual. At Fountains, we consistently model and encourage positive communication, sharing, turn taking and see all of the children as individuals. Our curriculum offers are beyond the classroom. The children’s creativity and imagination is fostered through extra-curricular activities including choir and gardening club; forest school and outdoor learning opportunities; cultural capital events including Careers Day and Around the world day and Whole school charity days including Red Nose Day and Save the Children Christmas jumper day. The children following our functional curriculum take part in weekly RE lessons and follow the Jigsaw scheme our work which have regular links to assemblies. All other children take part in ‘collective’ assemblies which are ‘sensory’ led or have a singing focus. These opportunities ensure that all children feel a sense of belonging to each other.


Moral - SMSC.png

For many of our children, understanding the difference between right and wrong can be a difficult concept to understand. Fountains promotes positive behaviour and good choices through staff developing relationships with the children, modelling expectations and regularly praising children for acceptable behaviour. We recognise and celebrate good choices and achievements during whole school assemblies through PLTS certificates. Where appropriate, some children are supported by Positive Behaviour Support Plans, which are individualised and reinforces the needs of the children. We encourage all children to explore their emotions using the Zones of Regulation, becoming self-managers and exploring and accepting a range emotions and finding ways to manage these. Fountains is dedicated to the health and well-being of our children. All children have access to our wellbeing team through referrals, providing opportunities for self-reflection and behavioural support.


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Social skills are a key area and a vital part of our children’s independence and development. Where appropriate, children are supported in communicating through the use of symbols, Makaton, objects of reference, technological aids and gestures. We provide opportunities for children to participate in trips into the local community, cooperating in life and social skills and developing an understanding and appreciation for other cultures and beliefs. The children have frequent memorable moments with links to current Cornerstones topics which may include unstructured play opportunities, visits into the community and opportunities to work in a group as team workers.


Cultural - SMSC.png

Fountains offer a holistic approach to learning and is committed to offering wider opportunities, providing an all-encompassing learning experience. Children participate in trips out into the community, allowing them to learn about and appreciate diversity and uniqueness. The children are taught to respect others and engage in multi-cultural opportunities such as whole school events, culture days and assemblies, learning and respecting other cultures at a level appropriate to them including Diwali, Eid, Chinese New Year and Pancake Day. Through a child-led voting system, children may have the opportunity to be on our school council, Eco or Online Safety committee where pupil voice is highly acknowledged and respected.

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Statement of
Fundamental British Values

British Values - SMSC.png

We aim to promote FBV through our curriculum design to prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain. We will teach all children that there are differences and similarities between people and expect all children wherever possible to know about democracy, laws, liberty, tolerance and respect at an age appropriate level.   These values and attitudes are promoted by all staff providing a model for behaviour and outcomes. 

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