Some children with Profound and Multiple Learning difficulties follow a sensory-based Engagement Curriculum. These children are between years 1-6 and are not yet engaged in subject-specific learning. These children experience a holistic curriculum, which is a sensory-based approach to learning where subjects all intervene in one curriculum offer. This is a child-centered approach is based on carefully planned activities, where some learning is teacher-led but then also incorporates incidental learning. All of this learning takes place through experience and participation.

Children who follow this curriculum have Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties. Therefore teaching happens continually throughout the school day, raising self-esteem through nurture and focusing on a sense of collaboration and belonging. Children who are taught through this curriculum have their progress recorded in their Learning Journal and assessed through the engagement steps profile using B Squared as the assessment tool to underpin this summative assessment. This framework is divided into key developmental areas that reflect the four areas of need listed in the “Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years”.


These areas are:
• Cognition and Learning
• Communication and Interaction
• Social, Emotional and Mental Health
• Sensory and Physical.

Children will not always work progressively through each step but experience and engage with skills across multiple levels, thus developing skills across multiple steps simultaneously.

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