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Keeping Healthy

Fountains aims to give all its’ pupils the healthiest school-life as possible

We aim to:

  • Ensure that all pupils have access to a healthy and nutritional meal at lunchtime

  • Promote healthy lunch boxes within school

  • To educate our pupils on healthy eating and the importance of being active

  • Provide a ‘whole school’ approach to nutrition and physical activity

  • Ensure all pupils have access to fresh drinking water throughout the school day

  • Assist parents in creating healthy lifestyles at home through ‘Keeping Healthy’ workshops

  • Encourage all children to be more active at playtimes

  • To promote the importance of mental health and well-being for all staff and pupils

  • To promote resilience and support personal, social, health and emotional learning through the school values which lead to PLTS

Healthy Mind

Fountains Primary School is a nurturing school (as recognised by Nurture UK 2020). Within school, all children, wherever appropriate, have a dedicated PSHE/RSE lesson. These lessons follow the Jigsaw programme and teach the children a range of approaches to help them support their own resilience and emotional health/ wellbeing. As well as this the promotion of our school values (which are guided by Personal Learning and Thinking Skills) teach the children to be effective self managers; effective participators; creative thinkers; reflective learners; independent enquirers and team workers.


There a strong culture of well-being amongst all staff and mechanisms in place to support everyone’s mental health and wellbeing. An active Early Help Team is in place at Fountains Primary School as well as at an Academy level (The Fountains Primary School is part of the Esteem Multi Academy Trust). At a school level, we have a Well Being team who are trained to deliver a range of interventions such as Therapeutic Forest school sessions, Draw and Talk, Lego therapy; Hope and ELSA individualised or small group work with children and support for families as and when required.

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Healthy Body

At Fountains Primary School we highly value the importance of regular physical activity and the effect it has on the body and mind to remain healthy. We are committed to the Active 30:30 project. This project encourages all children to do 30 minutes of structured physical activity in school and 30 minutes outside of school time.

We have several planned opportunities for children to be engaged in physical activity in and around the school day. Each school day the children (wherever appropriate) have a 15 minute daily mile/sensory circuit timetabled into their day. As well as this, each teacher has to plan in ‘15 minutes of active learning’ into their teaching timetable in addition to the child’s usual playtimes, PE and swimming lessons. These sessions could be a forest school lesson, a trip out in the community, an active starter/plenary to a Maths/English lesson, an active phonics session or an educational visit. This planned opportunity will ensure that parts of lessons will be as active as possible, encouraging the children to exercise whilst they learn.

All children at Fountains also get weekly PE lessons and regular swimming sessions. We have consistent after school clubs which also promote physical activity as well as various online oportunities we use to encourage the children to remain active at home or in school during a wet playtime.

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Healthy Lunch

School Meals

Our school caterers meet the food standards set by the government and produce a healthy and nutritional meal for our children. Seasonal menus can be found on our School Meals webpage. Our caterers recognise that some of our children have rigid diets and will work hard to cater to their needs, whilst still aiming to meet nutritional guidelines.

Packed lunches

If you send you child with a packed lunch your child will not be allowed to bring into school fizzy drinks or sweets, only one small chocolate bar, wafer or biscuit bar is permitted. Children can bring crisps but we would like these to be the healthier option, e.g. baked crisps, mini popcorn bags are a great alternative (not toffee), we would also like to ask that children are provided with a suitable drink of diluted squash, fruit juice or water.

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10 Tips to Stay Healthy

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Balanced Diet

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