All children in Nursery and Reception, (for which there is an Early Years Lead in place to co-ordinate this) as well as some children in Years 1-3, follow a conventional Early Years curriculum. This curriculum is delivered with differentiated adult-led tasks and child-initiated learning taking place. These well-planned activities match each individual child. This method develops each child’s cultural capital and the teaching of relationships, social interactions, and culture. At the core of this is the ‘Unique Child’, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident, and self-assured’ (EYFS, 2017). We ensure that all children experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live, through the seven areas of learning.

The classes that follow the Early Years curriculum follow an EYFS Long Term Plan, with carefully planned Early Years sequential projects, lifted directly from the Cornerstones curriculum, and then further differentiated by the class teachers. Alongside this, is planned daily time for the teaching of Communication and Language, early reading and phonics, wherever appropriate.
Each child’s learning is assessed through Development Matters and progression recorded through a ‘Learning Journey’.

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Fountains Primary School - Penguins Class Logo


Class Teachers

Vicki Appleby

Emily Dale

Fountains Primary School - Seals Class Logo


Class Teacher

Hayley Powell

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Fountains Primary School - Seahorses Class Logo


Class Teacher

Eleana O'Hare

Fountains Primary School - Whales Class Logo


Class Teacher

Tean Taylor

Fountains Primary School - Whales Forest School 1