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Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

EYFS Curriculum Intent

This curriculum intends to develop the ‘Unique Child’, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident, and self-assured. All children in Nursery and Reception (as well as some children in Years 1-3) follow a conventional Early Years curriculum. We aim to ensure that all children from an early cognitive level lay one skill upon another to form a building block holistically. Whilst learning through play, children will experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live, through the seven areas of learning. Underpinning this curriculum are the strategies taught to every child to develop their communication, behaviour for learning and self-regulation. In conjunction with this, each child’s Education Health and Care Plan Outcomes are continually addressed, worked through and evidenced.  

EYFS Curriculum Implementation

All classes that follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum follow a Long Term Plan, which has been taken directly from the Cornerstones curriculum, ensuring balance and breadth for all young learners. This curriculum is delivered with differentiated adult-led tasks and child-initiated learning taking place. These sequentially well-planned activities match each individual child’s level and encourage specialist teaching whilst embracing outdoor learning.  

Alongside this, children are taught early reading and phonics skills in line with the school's reading strategy, as well as other whole-school interventions such as Numicon which are evident within this curriculum offer.  
Underpinning this curriculum are the strategies taught to every child to develop their communication, behaviour for learning and self-regulation. 

EYFS Curriculum Impact

The impact of this curriculum is that children (by the time they transition into the next pathway) will have achieved their full potential and be fully prepared for the next curriculum pathway. They will have the skills, knowledge and confidence for future learning, as well as become more self-regulated with a well-rounded character. Each child’s learning is assessed through Birth to Five Matters and progression is recorded through a ‘Learning Journey’. Wherever possible, every child will have a communication system in place which allows them to communicate their basic needs and wants 

For further information, please see our Long Term Plans and Curriculum Policy below. Alternatively, contact the school office.
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Fountains Primary School - Penguins Class Logo


Class Teachers

Vicki Appleby

Eleana O'Hare

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Class Teacher

Rianoch O'Hagan

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Fountains Primary School - Seahorses Class Logo


Class Teacher

Kiya Snow

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Class Teacher

Katherine Stewart

Fountains Primary School - Whales Forest School 1

Parent Carer Feedback

"Our son has integrated into the school very well, his needs medical, physical and emotional have been very well cared for, and he is loving school. The teaching staff and assistants have made him and us feel very safe."

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