Some children with Moderate to Severe Learning difficulties follow a Functional Curriculum. These children are between years 1-6. This curriculum is largely based on the Cornerstones Curriculum (for which there is a middle leader in place to co-ordinate this) with each class following a carefully planned sequential Long Term Plan. This plan has a set of projects, lifted directly from Cornerstones, and then further differentiated by each class teacher. As shown below each class has a set time for Phonics; Maths; Project (incorporating English, Science, Art, D&T, History, Geography, Music and Computing); Swimming and PE; Forest Schools; RE; Languages and PSHE. All of these subject areas are assessed through Pre Key Stage Standards and end of year expectations with progression recorded through different subject-specific books.

All ‘Cornerstones Projects’ have a corresponding lesson sequence. This carefully maps out the objectives and aims from the National Curriculum to ensure curriculum coverage. It also sets out the content of study and builds a coherent sequence. They have been designed to encompass knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live, and also the events that have shaped it in the past to make it what it is today. The topics have been designed to complement and build on one another with clear progression and links so that in subsequent teaching, the children will be able to explore concepts deeper, applying their knowledge in different contexts. The knowledge sequence provided through the cornerstones projects links to retrieval practice.

This practice strengthens memory and makes it easier to retrieve the information later

(Barenberg, Roeder & Dutke, 2018).

Alongside these ‘Cornerstones Project’, whose methodology is highly research-led are other subjects which are also taught and delivered through an educational approach underpinned by research evidence.

All Foundation subjects are assessed through the progression guidance implemented by Fountains Primary School, which end of year expectations from Year 1, this is called Standard 5. Progression is recorded through individual trackers which links to work in books.

Rays Autumn 2 - Fountains Primary School (3).JPG

Rays Class

Class Teacher

Sally Millman-Jones

Fountains Primary School - Lobsters Logo

Lobsters Class

Class Teacher

Dom Casswell

Lobsters Class Autumn Term 2 - Fountains Primary School (5).JPG
Fountains Primary School - Dolphins Logo

Dolphins Class

Class Teacher

Alex Hylton

Fountains Primary School - Octopus Logo

Octopus Class

Class Teacher

Ollie Fogg

Octopus Autum 2 - Fountains Primary School 10.jpg
Starfish Autumn 2 - Fountains Primary School (6).JPG
Fountains Primary School - Starfish Logo

Starfish Class

Class Teacher

Abi Wilburn