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Lobsters Newsletter - Spring Term 1

Autumn 2

Lobsters class had a very busy autumn term 2 with the run up to Christmas including the school performance and lots of learning to fit in too.

We completed our first project of the year, Towers, Turrets and Tunnels with the children building and decorating their own castles and then using them to retell the three little pigs’ story. The class really enjoyed this project and in particular the opportunity to visit a real castle!

Everyone in Lobsters class has also been working hard in their phonics lessons, with lots of progress in all of the class groups. We focused a lot on writing throughout the last half term as well continuing to improved letter sounds recognition and understanding. The children also enjoyed learning lots of new fairy tales in their comprehension lessons too.

In Maths we were focusing on number and place value to five, ten and twenty, as well as addition and subtraction to five, ten and twenty. This has been working really well for the children in Lobsters class and lots of fantastic progress has been made.

Finally, towards the end of the half term, Lobsters class produced lots of amazing Christmas crafts that they were able to take home, many of them were very proud of what they had made. To then round of the autumn term, we took part in the Christmas performance as Victorians, singing and signing silent night to a packed school hall, all the children did a fantastic job!

Spring 1

We are now looking forward to the beginning of the spring term and hoping that as the weather begins to get warmer, we may be able to start spending more of our lesson time outside. The children will also continue to work hard in their phonics lesson and build on their letter sounds, reading and writing abilities. As well as focusing on place value in Maths with some children moving onto numbers to fifty and then one hundred, and others focusing on place value to five and ten, to really cement their understanding.

Finally our project this half term is Beat Band and Boogie, which is a music based topic with lots of dancing to rhythms and beats as well as playing instruments and even making their own instruments. So far the children are really enjoying this project and we aim to carry their enthusiasm through to the half term!

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