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Octopus Newsletter - Autumn Term 2

Welcome back! We hope that you have had a fantastic break and are now feeling ready for a busy and festive half term!

We have been given the opportunity this half term to attend some very exciting events including the cinema and pantomime. We also have our Christmas production which I am confident will be as successful as a West End performance.

Last half term, we began our adventure by learning about the different Gods and Mortals. We were fortunate enough to meet a hoplite who had travelled from Ancient Greece, to show off his battle armour and also educate us on the different activities the Ancient Greeks participated in. We also explored a range of different stories to learn more about who Gods such as Zeus, Medusa, Minos and the great Minotaur. This topic gave us the opportunity to develop our geographical understanding as we learned how to use an atlas and identified what a human and physical feature is.

In Autumn term 2, we will continue with our topic of ’Gods and Mortals’ and look develop our understanding of past events. Furthermore, we will continue to follow the White Rose Maths and RWI scheme of learning. The children have enjoyed using the different resources and activities that comes with this scheme of learning.

Octopus Class Newsletter - Autumn Term 2
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