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Fish Newsletter - Summer Term 1

We hope you all have a lovely Easter break and come back ready to start Summer Term 1. We are excited to let you know that Mrs Sally Millman-Jones will be our full time class teacher after Easter alongside the Fish class team of: Sam, Vicky, Kaitlyn, Donna, Abby and Lexi.

Sally is part of the Leadership team at Fountains Primary and is looking forward to leading on the Autism Progress curriculum that was started by Laura Kobylanski and Amy Dunne. Sally will be organising some coffee afternoons after Easter so that you get an opportunity to meet her in person prior to the next Parents Evening.

This half term our topic has been all about: ’’Why can’t we have chocolate for breakfast?’ We aim to explore lots of foods, fruit, vegetables, cooking activities and looking at healthy eating. We will be visiting different supermarkets to experience all the different food choices. This half term we will be accessing the adapted bikes at Shobnall

Leisure Centre., this will continue through May.

Our topic next term is called: Why is water wet? We will be exploring lots of science and art activities. Our Music topic is all about recycling and our PHSE is all about friends and family.

We really enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day, World Book Day, Comic Relief and Easter last half term. This half term we will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee day on the last day of term.


Download the full pdf newsletter below

Fish Newsletter - Summer Term 1 - Fountains Primary School
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