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Jellyfish Newsletter - Summer Term 2

Welcome back to the last term of this academic year, how quickly has the year gone. We hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the Jubilee. This term our topic is “how many pebbles are on the beach” this follows on from “Why is water wet” very nicely.

We will be exploring all things connected to the seaside from the feel of wet/dry sand, the smell of fish and chips, the taste of ice cream and the sounds of the sea. This of course will run alongside our timetable with links to Maths, English and Science. We are setting up a “rock pool” and a sand area for sensory exploration and pupils will be making sea creatures to go in it. We will use buckets and spades to measure, weigh and observe the change between wet and dry sand. In cookery, we will be attempting to make ice cream (looking forward to that one) in different flavours and will “sell “ from our ice cream van. Our story is adapted from the song “were going to the Seaside” by Kidzone, and we will be enacting each of the verses after we have travelled on the “train” to our destination, our first seaside visit will be to Wales as some of our pupils have visited there.

Last term we enjoyed lots of water play, looking at floating and sinking and feeling the temperature of the water. We had great fun predicting what would make the biggest splash when it was dropped or rolled and some of us even used our whole bodies! We enjoyed tasting angel delight and we explored a tuff spot full of jelly, which was very messy but felt lovely. In creative we did some colour mixing and experimented with different mediums painting with icing sugar and dripping paint onto it to watch it explode across the paper.

We enjoyed a week of crafts and had a jubilee tea party to finish the term.


Download the full pdf newsletter below

Jellyfish Newsletter - Summer Term 2 2022 - Fountains Primary School
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