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Seahorses Newsletter - Spring Term 2

We hope you have had a lovely break and are ready to start Spring Term 2, hopefully with some brighter days and warmer weather.

Over the previous term, the children took part in lots of activities about reptiles during our continuous provision. We enjoyed a visit from the animal man, where the children were very brave looking at and holding lots of animals including a snake, tortoise and guinea pig. All of the children had to opportunity the go to Clip and Climb, where they were all fantastic at challenging themselves at climbing to a height. The children have particularly enjoyed role play activities, acting out familiar experiences such as hairdressers, hospitals and builders, which linked in to our Hopes and Dreams day.

This half term our topic is “What happens when I fall asleep?”. We aim to explore space; planets, rockets, stars and astronauts. Snuggling up with comfy cushions and blankets, we’ll listen to stories and nursery rhymes and practise bedtime routines such as brushing our teeth. We’ll play with the shape and size of star patterns, and create moons of different sizes out of sparkly play dough and make number rockets! The children have made incredible progress so far this year and I look forward to continue to support them in their journey or learning and exploring!

Class Teacher, Eleana O’Hare


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