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Starfish Newsletter - Summer Term 1

Welcome back everyone, I hope you’re not too full after eating all of those Easter eggs! We have an exciting Summer term planned which starts with some of our Year 5’s and 6’s visiting Standon Bowers for a three day residential trip. We can’t wait to hear all about it. Our topic this term is called, ‘Heroes and Villains’ and we are planning to take the children to Clip n Climb in Derby so that they can experience what it would be like to scale a wall just like Spider Man. We will also be learning about the lives of Martin Luther, Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks and Amy Johnson. The class will have the opportunity to speak to some local heroes from the police force and fire service. As part of the topic, the children will learn songs about the infamous villains, Bonnie and Clyde and Cruella de Vil.

During SPAG this term, the children will be writing riddles, designing comic strips, changing a traditional tale and developing dialogue and characters to create a biographical article. We will discuss how it feels to do good and bad things and which feels best and why.

In our Maths lessons, some children will continue to develop their understanding of fractions. In particular, counting in tenths and adding and subtracting fractions. Other groups, will be concentrating on developing their measuring skills by comparing height, length, mass and capacity. All children will be learning how to tell the time to the hour, quarter past and half past the hour.

Thank you for your continued support. The Starfish team!


Download the full pdf newsletter below

Starfish - Newsletter Summer 1 - Fountains Primary School
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