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Forest School Blog WE 03.03.23

Well what a busy week it has been in Forest School! Instead of only celebrating World Book Day, we have celebrated it every day for the whole week. Each class chose a particular book, which the whole class all enjoyed, so we chose to base their Forest School sessions around their chosen book!

Seals Class enjoyed the story of Elmer and made a giant Elmer the elephant using logs found in Forest School. They used coloured paper to create the pattern, which Elmer is so famous for. Continuing the Elmer theme, it would not be Forest School without mud, so it was the children’s turn to strengthen their fine motor skills and wash the mud from the elephants in order to get them clean. As well as Elmer’s beautiful pattern, we looked at identifying and sorting different coloured objects.

Lobsters Class – Stick Man Having already used their creative skills to create a stick man in previous sessions the children alternatively went on a Stick Man mini-beast trail around the Forest School grounds. They used their independent enquiring skills to locate and observe many different mini-beasts including a few large worms! Pupils returned all of the mini-beasts to their original habitat so that they could continue enriching our soil. Some of the children went on to make a giant stickman using logs found from around the Forest School area.

Turtles Class – Celebrated stories by Sue Hendra so in true Forest School style we chose ‘Norman the slug with the silly shell’. Pupils used clay to manipulate and reproduce the slug before adding their own natural take on the shell. The children painted a flat pebble pink and decorated it with glitter sprinkles instead of the pink doughnut as reflected in the story.

Penguins Class – Goldilocks and the three bears. Pupils particularly enjoyed making porridge using the mud kitchen equipment, developing their life skills and understanding of the world. Some of the children even fed the bears the porridge, which resulted in a few messy bears! Pupils also used their creativity and developed their motor skills to build beds and chairs for the three bears using wooden loose parts. Compare bears were used to start to introduce ‘big and small’ concepts and vocabulary to their everyday language. Also just like the bed in the story we looked at natural objects, which were hard and soft.

Dolphins Class – Supertato. Pupils have swapped their pieces of hazel and turned it into a freshly whittled Supertato that saves the day and all the vegetables from the Evil Pea! The children continued to develop their tool and safety techniques, whilst enjoying the relaxing art of whittling.

Seahorses ClassRoom on a broom. We recreated the story and used a large log that we made into a broom using straw and the children enjoyed exploring the masks of the animals that joined the witch on her broom. Pupils made their own brooms from a stick and sequenced their own paper animals to join the ride. In the witch’s corner, pupils made a green magic potion that included spiders, snakes, and a few other natural ingredients before stirring their potion and making a spell!

Rays Class – The Gruffalo. Rays class enjoyed the Gruffalo story and cut up hazel branches using secateurs to make a Giant Gruffalo with oranges for eyes, stones for teeth, a pinecone for the wart on his nose and leaves for his toes. Pupils used the tool safely and under guidance, enjoying the finished result of their hard work.

Jellyfish Class – Although not their ‘World Book Day’ story, Jellyfish class started a new story this week as part of the Twinkleboost communication Forest School sessions. The story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ commenced with new songs and resources, and the children had fun exploring the different textures of the materials used to build the pigs houses.

Whales Class – Celebrated two of their favourite books – ‘The Tiger who came to tea’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Pupils enjoyed exploring new textures whilst recreating and role-playing the stories using natural resources and the tree stumps in Forest School made the perfect tables for having an unexpected guest for tea.

Unfortunately, both Fish Class and Octopus class were unable to celebrate their stories in Forest School due to it being inset day on Monday. They did however have a lovely day on Thursday the official ‘World Book Day’ participating in lots of different activities linked to their story.


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