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Forest School Blog 09.09.22

Welcome back to Forest School at Fountains Primary. It has been a shorter week back for the children but they have certainly taken advantage of the good weather.

The children have had a great start to the term where we have been exploring the boundaries and practising emergency callbacks, so that pupils begin to understand how to stay safe whilst learning and exploring in the outside environment.

We have had lots of fun and laughter making bubble wands using our own willow, some from our tree and some from our willow, arch that was pruned and rewoven during the six weeks holiday.

At Forest School, we have started a new programme through Twinkleboost, which is a Social Enterprise supporting children’s communication development through fairy tale themed communication classes. Classes have been designed for children with complex needs and have been created by a Speech and Language Therapy team to build fundamental communication skills through sensory play and fairy tales.

Jellyfish class are currently enjoying the story of Aladdin and are exploring some of the natural treasures Aladdin finds on his adventures.


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