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Forest School Blog 10.06.22

Week Ending Friday 10th June 2022

Well #30 Days Wild is well and underway this week. Each class have enjoyed taking part in the initiative, which encourages children to get outside and participate in different activities in the natural environment.

Some classes have painted their favourite creature on a pebble, whilst others have taken some time out to relax and watch clouds, using their imagination and creativity to spot different animals in the clouds. Children were excited to report that they had seen a whale, penguin and fish shapes hidden in the clouds.

Keeping our environment tidy and free from litter is important not only for pupils but for our wildlife in Forest School also. It provides pupils an opportunity to learn about waste and everybody taking a part to be responsible, so some pupils have undertaken a litter pick around the school grounds, some pupils found it a little tricky to operate the picker but soon got a hang of it.


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