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Forest School Blog 16.09.22

Pupils have continued to settle into both familiar and new routines this week, this has been no different in Forest School and therefore rules, boundaries and emergency recalls have been the focus for the functional classes. Children have been encouraged to explore their natural environment and their interests in the Forest School.

As a school, on Tuesday we also celebrated ‘Ronald Dahl Day’ and Forest School was no exception. Pupils used their creativity and imaginations to mix potions from the story of ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and some pupils enjoyed an extract from the story of ‘The Twits’, where Mrs Twit makes Mr Twit eat worms for tea! In keeping with the story, pupils were divided in their opinion of having to eat their own ‘worms’ as part of the story! Luckily, they were jelly worms in a chocolate cake soil.

As a group with Starfish Class, we discussed the recent sad news about HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s passing and decided to celebrate her dedication and service to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Pupils were asked to find a place around the Forest School area, which they found beautiful, and fitting to remember the Queen, they found some really creative and interesting places to place their silhouettes.


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