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Forest School Blog WE 17.03.23

We have had another busy week in Forest School, but the weather has taken a turn for the better and we are seeing more and more signs of spring in the Forest School area.

Fish class were team workers this week and worked hard to clear the pond area preparing it for any wildlife that may want to make it their habitat. They were rewarded towards the end of the session and saw a large frog hiding underneath the frame, which sits, on the top of the pond to ensure the safety of the pupils. Even more exciting the next day whilst another class was out spotting signs of spring they found frog spawn!

Octopus and Dolphins class made their frames out of the coppiced hazel and used a square lashing technique to join the two pieces together. There are lots of different signs of spring around the Forest School area now and pupils are demonstrating their reflective learning skills by recalling names and identifying different flora.

Classes are usually split into two groups so that staff to pupil ratios are in line with the Forest School Association’s recommended numbers. Therefore, most afternoon classes attend Forest School every other week.

Turtles class used their creative skills this week and whittled an Easter bunny out of the hazel, previously coppiced in Forest School. They added their own decoration for the face of the bunny ready for Easter celebrations.

Penguins class explored their own signs of spring through activities and enjoyed planting, looking at different spring flowers and objects, whilst using their own creative skills and making a daffodil.

Seahorses, Starfish and Ray’s class had lots of fun developing and strengthening their gross motor skills by taking part in an obstacle course. Pupils learnt all about prepositions whilst enjoying the course.

Jellyfish class continued with their story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ and continue to develop their communication and interaction in the story, which also had elements of Forest School interweaved into it.


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