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Forest School Blog 23.09.22

We have had another busy week in Forest School this week. The children have enjoyed the continuing good weather.

It is the time of year when natural resources are available in abundance and so we have therefore incorporated them into sessions taking advantage of the rich learning environment they provide.

Pupils have made colourful conker comets and enjoyed throwing them to see whose could travel the furthest.

Pupils on the Early Years curriculum have enjoyed mark making and using natural resources such as conkers, acorns and pinecones in a cinnamon playdough and observing the imprints and many textures they leave. Lots of conkers have travelled down the bamboo runs this week and pupils have been using their creative thinking skills to solve challenges if an object does not roll or if the run is changed. Messy conker painting has been a hit with pupils as they used trays, paper and paint to roll the conkers from side to side and observe the lines and patterns they make. Finally, pupils have been working on strengthening their fine motor skills in a conker spider web challenge, using tongs to retrieve various natural resources from a limited spaced area.

Jellyfish class have continued to enjoy the sensory story of Aladdin and have added to Aladdin’s treasure, in form of a sensory washing line and included lots of noisy and interesting objects for pupils to explore.


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