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Forest School Blog WE 01.07.22

Week Ending Friday 1st July 2022

This week marks the close of the #30 Days Wild challenges and the children have had a busy and informative week, learning about their natural environment!

This week’s Forest School sessions have included:-

  • Playing an outdoor game

  • Getting into birdwatching

  • Becoming a bee champion

  • Survey like a scientist

  • Outdoor yoga and meditation

  • Hug a tree

The school have also taken part in RSE Day, which this year has been celebrating differences. In Forest School children from EYFS curriculum had a glittery and colourful morning. Activities were focused around the ‘Elmer’ story, which was about an elephant who wanted to be the same as everyone else. But he was in fact a patchwork of colours and very unique! The children had lots of fun changing different animals who were all painted to look the ‘same’ colour, but with a little imagination and water washed away their cover to uncover their true selves. Pupils also enjoyed decorating biscuits in sparkles, for a mid morning snack.

In the afternoon session pupils decorated a leaf and wrote about why they are unique as they are! We chose a tree in Forest School and decorated it with their leaves, making it into a ‘diversi-tree’.


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