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Forest School Blog WE 03.02.23

Week Ending Friday 3rd February 2023

We have continued to support the RSPB ‘Big School Bird Watch’ in Forest School this week, as the children really enjoy using the binoculars and exploring the Forest School area searching for lots of different types of birds. The children used their literacy and mathematical skills to complete a survey on which bird we had spotted the most - and it was the pigeon, although we were lucky enough to see a woodpecker this week.

We have continued the ‘bird’ theme into the early years classes and they have been developing their fine motor skills to ‘feed the bird’ using a pair of giant tongs and some pipe cleaner worms. Pupils have also experienced different textures, manipulating pieces of clay and natural resources to make a small birds nest. We have also used our creative thinking skills to make a paper plate bird and have been learning about the different features of birds.

Some of the children have been identifying and sequencing bird numeral pictures, whilst some have enjoyed working as a team in the mud kitchen.

Functional classes have been using their reflective learning skills, to recall how to use a range of tools safely to make a spinning top. All of the children’s confidence in using tools is progressing and they are now able to talk about and demonstrate a good understanding on how to work safely and sensibly with tools. Classes were very proud of their spinning tops and they worked successfully after all of their hard work.

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