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Forest School Blog WE 05.05.23

Yet again it has been a short week at school but the children have had lots of fun celebrating the up and coming coronation of King Charles III this bank holiday weekend.

Pupils have been busy making their own crowns using natural resources and have enjoyed a range of coronation themed activities.

Dolphins class had a very special task, which was to ‘dress a tree’ as part of an initiative for the Green Tree School Award that Fountains are working to achieve. The Green Tree Schools Award was founded by the Woodland Trust and encourages outdoor learning and inspires pupils about trees, woods and wildlife.

Through the award, our school can take part in fun, practical projects while helping the environment and improving our grounds.

Schools are rewarded for doing environmental projects such as tree planting, reducing CO2 emissions and visiting woods. Points are collected for each activity we complete, progressing through bronze, silver and gold levels up to the prestigious platinum award.

Dolphins class were independent enquirers and have learnt about why trees are important to our environment and planet, whilst also thinking about why else trees are important. They thought about uses of the wood whilst also being a source of shelter for animals.

In conjunction with the King’s coronation they decided to ‘dress’ the tree in the colours belonging to the union jack and wrote the reasons why trees are important on the King’s silhouette.

Rays class the next day enjoyed a ‘tree party’ to celebrate all of the hard work Dolphins class put into ‘dressing’ the tree and again were learning about why trees are so important to the environment. Rays class enjoyed having some healthy fruit and vegetables as well as a small treat of a coronation cake. The children then used their creative thinking skills to draw a picture to represent the tree.

Early years classes also participated in the coronation celebrations and were effective participators in activities such as making crowns, using natural resources to draw King Charles III, creating new designs for coins using wood cookies, making natural pictures using flowers of the King and enjoying some water play by making a firm traditional favourite ‘a cup of tea’.


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