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Forest School Blog WE 06.01.23

Week Ending Friday 6th January 2023

Happy New Year everyone from the Forest School team, we hope that you have all had a lovely break. The children have returned to school this week with lots of energy and have been excited to be back at school with their friends.

At Forest School, we have been busy getting back into the routines and having lots of fun in the fresh air. Pupils have been focusing on seasonal topics such as hibernation and the Big School Birdwatch. We have been discussing how animals reduce their metabolism in order to hibernate and looked at their habitats whilst hibernating. The pupils were set a challenge, using their creative thinking skills, to make a nest/den for either an animal to use to hibernate or a den for a human to sleep in.

Some of the functional classes’ pupils worked independently in their work whilst some worked as a team. Making sure that they used the important strategies to become an effective team player such as - listening to each other, sharing their ideas, helping, supporting and communicating with each other.

The early year classes have used their fine motor skills to make different kinds of bird feeders using food items such as apple, fat, cereal, birdseed and popcorn. They have threaded the food onto a thin piece of garden wire and found a suitable tree in the Forest School area to hang it. Already some of the feeders have been eaten and we have seen an increase in birds in the area.

They have also used binoculars to spot any bird around the Forest School area and have used their independent enquiring skills to identify the different types of birds.

The popular activities such as, the mud kitchen and slackline have returned to Forest School and provide the children with an opportunity to strengthen both their fine and gross motor skills whilst supporting and developing their imaginative and creative play.

Please remember to send your child in with warm, old clothes and wellingtons if possible on their Forest School day. Should you have any question do not hesitate to contact any member of the Forest School team.


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