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Forest School Blog WE 08.07.22

Week Ending Friday 8th July 2022

This week in Forest School, things have been slightly different. As pupils are busy transitioning to their new classes and other exciting events around the school have been in progress, we have also had changes.

During the winter months last year, the main Forest School area became very waterlogged and muddy, which resulted in some pupils finding it difficult to access the area. We have therefore taken a proactive approach, before the winter months are upon us and made some welcomed improvements to the entrance and log circle area to Forest School. Making it safe and readily accessible to all, throughout the year whatever the weather.

The works have slightly affected our busy week and pupils have had limited access to Forest School for a short time. I am pleased to report that the work is scheduled to be completed, by the end of this week.

In the meantime, pupils have been creative thinkers and have made ‘tree boggarts’ using a salt free dough. Tree boggarts are magical creatures that live in the forest and help protect our woodland.

Pupils have been very imaginative in their creations and used natural resources to decorate their boggarts!


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