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Forest School Blog WE 10.02.23

Week ending Friday 10th February

Classes have been busy this week preparing for future diary dates such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, both dates where we celebrate having somebody special in our lives.

Most of the morning classes have been planting a bulb that will hopefully grow in time to celebrate on Sunday 19th March. We have used our eco-friendly plant pots made from recycled paper in conjunction with promoting being an Eco-friendly school.

Early years, Fish and Turtles classes have been identifying common objects found around the Forest School site and matching them to their corresponding PECS symbols, which can help develop communication and language skills. Pupils have also been using natural resources to build fine motor skills and develop shape awareness.

During afternoon sessions we have concentrated on our tool techniques and keeping safe whilst using tools. Pupils have been working with partners to provide not only social interaction but also ensure that they are being responsible not only for themselves but also for their partner’s safety. This provides a great opportunity to develop their language skills, so check that their partners are ready to start but also to be more safety aware of their environment. Pupils have been successful in their creative thinking and have made a range of bracelets and keyrings ready for Valentine’s Day.

Games are also a great team building exercise and promotes healthy interaction with their peers, we play a range of games at Forest School but the favourites are hide and seek, tiptoe granny and tree-tree-frog. It is also a great opportunity to promote good sportsmanship and at the end of the game, we encourage the children to shake hands and congratulate each other on taking part. Rules are also an important part of playing games and encourages our pupils to be independent enquirers by demonstrating their memory skills, being team workers can also display natural leadership skills and can work towards resolving conflicts.

Jellyfish Class have continued to listen to the story of Little Red Riding Hood and enjoyed participating in the songs, actions and making mud cakes for Grandma!


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