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Forest School Blog WE 11.11.22

It has been another busy week at Forest School, luckily, we have not had too many heavy downpours, but we have been caught in a few showers. This week we have started our tree decorations, which yes, may be a little early to be starting to think about Christmas for some of us! However, before we know it December will upon us and December is such a busy month at Fountains Primary School, with lots of exciting activities and events planned.

Some of the key stage two classes have been self-managers this week and have been using the hand drills to drill holes in wood cookies. They have worked with a partner, one using the tools whilst the other holds the wood cookie. The children enjoy using the tools during sessions and the tool talks and safe practice techniques is demonstrated through their work.

We have also been learning about Remembrance Sunday and the meaning behind wearing a poppy. The children have been using their creative skills to make a wreath using red leaves and using a square lashing technique to create their own version of the poppy.

The early year’s classes have been mark making using mud paint and strengthening their motor skills on the slack line and through a range of different activities.

Jellyfish class have continued with their ‘Little Mermaid’ story and children are joining in with the more familiar songs and actions.


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