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Forest School Blog WE 13.01.23

Week Ending Friday 13th January 2023

Well it has been another wet and windy week in the Forest School this week. The week started for Forest School a little later as staff were renewing their Forest School First Aid qualification to ensure that pupils’ safety is always a priority, also during Forest School sessions. It is a requirement when qualifying as a Forest School Practitioner to undertake a robust and comprehensive first aid qualification, which is designed especially for outdoor leaders and Forest School Practitioners.

For the remainder of the week the children have continued to learn about hibernation and have created their own dens/nests, using a variety of resources. Pupils have used their problem solving skills to think about how to keep the animals safe and dry throughout their hibernation period.

Early years classes have continued to become with familiar with the routines at Forest School and transitioning to the Forest School area with their peers. Sometimes the cold and wet weather can be a little challenging for some of our pupils, but learn to adapt and enjoy the session.

Once in Forest School though majority of pupils enjoy the autonomy of activities and the freedom to explore the outside environment. Pupils have made ecological choices and recycled a Christmas tree to use both on dens, in the mud kitchen, as paintbrushes and with dough to create different imprints and textures. We have also continued to observe birds and identify them as part of the RSPB initiative. The children were excited to see our resident magpies and saw a few of our squirrels!

Jellyfish class have continued to learn about their new story “Little Red Riding Hood” and have enjoyed making mud cakes for ‘grandma!’ Some of the children are beginning to be independent enquirers and have demonstrated their memory skills about key aspects of the story. Pupils enjoy interacting with the Little Red Riding Hood puppet and are continually developing their communication skills.

Starfish Class took advantage of the wind today and were creative thinkers; both designing and creating parachutes for their ‘stick person’, to see how high and far they could fly in the wind!


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