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Forest School Blog WE 13.05.2022

Well we have had a mixture of heavy rain and beautiful sunshine in Forest School this week, but whatever the weather we suit up and go outside to make the most of the fresh air and natural environment.

Fish Class collected flowers whilst on a walk around the Forest School area this week and made their sun catchers.

Whilst other classes may have been out on school trips this week Dolphins and Rays class, used hand drills, some for the very first time, safely to make their thaumatropes.

Turtles class unfortunately received the worst of the weather but we had great fun exploring the rain and how it feels on our skin, after planting sunflowers and making sun catchers.

Jellyfish class and Seahorses explored some welcomed cuddly visitors in our outdoor session and were experts at matching the animals to their corresponding symbols. The squawking blackbird and the badger were firm favourites!

Pupils used their fine motor and balancing skills to build the wooden balancing stones, the highest number reached was five.

Some of the pupils also practised their creative skills participating in ‘transient art’, which is art that is not fixed or permanent. We used natural objects such as stones, twigs, leaves and pinecones. Transient art allows children to embrace the process rather than the product, whilst also offering the opportunity to change and develop their ideas.

Some of the children in Lobsters class have also began to use tools for the first time and tried out their hammering skills, using hammers and nails. This is a great activity to develop their fine motor skills not only holding the nails in place but also threading the wool, to create their initial.


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