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Forest School Blog WE 14.10.22

This week, classes have been continuing to plant bulbs ready for springtime. Pupils have been learning to use tools safely to dig the holes before planting spring flowers like crocus, bluebells, snowdrops and daffodils. Pupils have been comparing the different types of bulbs through size, shape and colours.

Key stage two classes have been using the excellent autumn resources to make conkers spider webs and have used their creative thinking skills to create conker animals, fireworks, hedgehogs and people. When tools are used, pupils always receive a safety talk with a qualified Forest School Leader, who is trained to work with pupils using tools. The children have been reflective learners this week and have done a great job recalling information about why and how to stay safe when using tools.

Early years and Key Stage One classes have been creative in their work and have made conker snakes, made leaf prints, sorted leaves into colours and made leaf kebabs. We have also been encouraging exploratory play and have been using magnifying glasses, inspection jars and binoculars to search for new objects and animals in Forest School.


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