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Forest School Blog WE 17.02.23

Week Ending Friday 17th February 2023

Love has been in the air this week at Forest School! Pupils have been busy being creative thinkers and making small gifts for someone special.

We have reused the coppiced hazel by manipulating the branches so that they bend or join together to make a heart shape. The children used wool to tie it off, some learning how to start tying simple knots, whilst also developing their fine motor skills. Pupils then decorated the hazel heart with a red glitter ready for Valentine’s Day.

In early years the pupils have also engaged in lots of Valentine’s activities again developing their fine and gross motor skills by rolling and squeezing our lovely valentine’s red play dough and wrapping red wood around a heart shape. Pupils decorated the dough in lots of lovely resources and heart shaped decorations after using cutters to cut out the heart shapes. Pupils also took the opportunity to mark make in some glitter whilst others sequenced the letters of the alphabet. We still had a few classes that needed to finish their Mother’s Day plants therefore; some of the children completed those. In the mud kitchen, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday and flipped some pretend pancakes!

Some of the key stage 1 and 2 classes used tools to make a Valentine’s gift and used a variety of tools and techniques to produce some wonderful pieces of work. Whilst some chose to continue to make bracelets using the hazel wood slices, others chose to challenge themselves further and used a hammer and nails to create a pin art design and weaving design using wood cookies.

Jellyfish class completed the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story and are excited to see what lies in store for them in Forest School forthcoming half term. Over the past weeks, the pupils have demonstrated their progression with the story, which has now become embedded, and were able to communicate using their preferred choice of communication what happens next, key parts and characters in the story.


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