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Forest School Blog WE 18.11.22

Well the weather has certainly changed this week but the children have had a great time in Forest School with lots of jumping in puddles and splashing.

Due to the weather, some activities have had to be adapted and changed to suit the weather, so we have taken the opportunity to get wet and muddy. Reception, complex and Key Stage One classes have been using their creative skills to paint, using both mud paint and spray bottles with coloured water. They have also used their fine motor skills to stack stones, which has tested their perseverance at times! Old pots and pans have been turned into musical instruments and the children have made the most of the opportunity in the mud kitchen. What better time, whilst it is raining is there to test a range of different objects to see if they will sink or float? We have filled the tub full of leaves, stones, ducks and boats and the children have used their problem solving skills to find the answer. The water chute has been very successful and pupils have sent a variety of objects down with the water and followed it to the end.

Our Key Stage Two classes have been busy making tree decorations and snowmen using willow. Most of the classes have made reindeer tree decorations and have used the hand drills to drill holes in their wood cookies, ready for the antlers. Although some children wanted to follow the Children In Need theme today and have chosen to makes a Pudsey Bear tree decoration.

I hope that next week will be a little drier but if not, then we will be ready for more splashing and fun in the rain.

Again, please remember to send your child in old clothes for your child to be changed into and wellingtons if you have them. It is important; as the weather gets colder that, the children are warm.


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