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Forest School Blog WE 20.01.23

Week Ending Friday 20th January 2023

Well it has been a cold but fun week in Forest School; the children have had lots of fun in the snow, doing many exciting activities. The Forest School grounds have been picture perfect first thing in the morning and lots of wildlife have been out looking for food.

We have also been celebrating the Chinese New Year as a school and Forest School have been putting their own mark on the celebrations by making some wood and paper Chinese fans, mud painting the names of the zodiac animals, making a Chinese Wishing Tree and finally making our own Chinese dancing dragon.

Whilst some of our Key Stage children went on an exciting visit to Wing Wah this week, Forest School took this opportunity to do some much needed maintenance on the Forest School grounds and coppiced some of the hazel trees, that were planted by the children a few years ago. The cut hazel rods will be used in our sessions and coppicing plays a vital part of our woodland management plan in addition to providing us with a great resource.

Some of our classes have already began to use the hazel to whittle their own stick man and have enjoyed listening to the Stick Man story whilst enjoying a hot chocolate and biscuit.

Early year classes have taken advantage of the natural resources the climate has provided us and have been painting the snow and ice, exploring artic animals and sending them down a chute using ice. The hazel has also provided us with some wonderful catkins, which the children have enjoyed exploring. Some pupils have been using their expressive language describing them as “cocoons”, “worms” and “caterpillars”.

With the cold likely to continue over the couple of months, could I please ask you to kindly remember to send your children in warm old clothes for Forest School and wellington boots where possible please.


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