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Forest School Blog WE 24.03.23

We have had a very Egg-citing week in Forest School and some of the children have celebrated Easter and the half-term drawing near, by doing lots of Easter based activities and taking part in an Easter egg hunt! Pupils have also been thinking about why we celebrate Easter and what it means to each of us.

Pupils have been working together as team workers to solve both written and pictorial clues to find eggs hidden in various locations around the Forest School area. The clues have been designed to encourage pupils to be independent enquirers and demonstrate their memory skills, recalling key elements of Forest School and the natural world around us. Whilst the pictorial clues challenge their understanding of the Forest School environment and setting by asking pupils to recognise familiar locations.

Some pupils have found it challenging to work as part of a team but came together when they understood the importance of good teamwork skills: working and solving problems together, communicating, listening to each other, respecting other people’s ideas, taking responsibility and by supporting and encouraging each other.

Thankfully, all of the classes have found all ten clues and have celebrated with a small chocolate treat!

Early years classes have started to get creative and enjoyed a range of Easter activities including making a natural Easter egg using flowers, beans and pulses to decorate, making mud Easter shapes, using their mathematical skills to count chickens and developing their fine motor skills to thread Easter egg shapes.