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Forest School Blog WE 24.06.22

Week Ending Friday 24th June 2022

Pupils have enjoyed continuing with the Wildlife Trust’s #30 Days Wild programme this week.

The children have excelled themselves in activities, demonstrating their creativity, imagination skills and continued with mindfulness, focusing on their well-being.

Some classes, made independent choices and worked as a team, voting to do the most popular choices. All of which promotes, respect, resilience, confidence and building relationships.

Activities this week have included:

  • Making a reptile rockery

  • Drawing something, they find beautiful in nature

  • Becoming a bee champion

  • Drawing a feather

  • Going on a bug hunt

  • Read a book in the grass

  • Taking a sensory walk

  • Making a mini pond

  • Experiencing bird watching

Sadly, next week will be our last week at taking part in the #30 Days Wild project for this year. At Forest School, we are passionate about the importance and benefits of getting our pupils getting outside and learning in a rich and nurturing environment.


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