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Forest School Blog WE 27.05.22

Forest School Week Ending Friday 27th May 2022.

What an exciting week we have had in Forest School, preparations were underway for our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration on Friday. Children have been exploring different jubilee themed activities as well as making their own jubilee ribbon wand to wave at our very own Fountains Queen.

Early years enjoyed a barefoot walk this week, identifying some of the natural resourced materials and experiencing the feeling underfoot.

Seahorses and Jellyfish class enjoyed an array of jubilee activities from painting their very own Union Jack flag, making afternoon tea using giant teapots and playdough to making their own elder bracelets and ribbon wands.

Turtles, Rays and Fish class continued to develop their tool skills using the peeler to whittle a piece of wood, before threading the ribbons through to make a wand.

Octopus pupils used their creativity and practice their team working skills to, design a way in which to transport water from one container to another, using loose parts.

Starfish class followed the example of their other class group and made Thaumatropes, using both their creative and tool skills to produce the Victorian toy.

Have a wonderful half-term everybody and we look forward to beginning our ’30 Days Wild’ activities during the month of June.


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