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Forest School Blog WE 28.04.23

It has been a short week for some of the staff and pupils at Fountains Primary, as we have had a residential visit to Standon Bowers. The children had a great time and created some wonderful memorable experiences which I am sure will remain with them for years to come.

For the remainder of the week classes have started to think about the forthcoming coronation of King Charles III and have been engaged in a range of exciting activities that promote their creative thinking skills.

Early years classes have been making coronation ribbon wands which have reinforced their understanding of colours and have made flags using natural cork to paint with. Most of the pupils have used their creativity to make a coronation crown and have used natural materials to decorate them. Pupils have also used the ‘Hapa-zome’ technique to make coronation flags which uses the natural pigment of flowers and leaves to leave an imprint on different materials.

Jellyfish class have started a new Twinkleboost story ‘Ugly Duckling’ and were very excited to meet the ducks and sing along to the songs.

Starfish class were great team workers today and have been learning the Nordic weaving technique, working along with a partner and passing four weighted pieces of wool to one another. The activity promotes communication skills, problem solving and perseverance resulting in a beautiful friendship bracelet.


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