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Forest School Blog WE 31.03.23

It has been very wet in Forest School this week and the Forest School grounds are very muddy and waterlogged.

All of the classes this week have been celebrating the last week of the half term by joining in with Easter activities, where they have been creative thinkers and made Easter chicks using wood slices, Easter eggs using natural resources and have enjoyed an Easter egg marble run!

The familiar activities of the slack line and mud kitchen still featured in the activities as it encourages the children to share positive interactions whilst playing alongside their peers.

For the Key Stage 2 classes, they have become effective team workers and worked together to solve ten hidden clues, some classes using the written form and others using pictorial clues. We talked about what being a good team worker might involve and how by working together we can both achieve and learn simultaneously.

We had lots of fun on Friday afternoon when we had the pleasure of a special guest to Forest School – Cracker the schools’ therapy dog joined the children on their Easter egg hunt. Although he joined in solving some of the hidden clues, he did get a little tired and decided to have a lie down to recuperate!

It was the end of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story in Jellyfish today and the children demonstrated their memory skills by showing their awareness of the story and anticipation of what was about to happen! A new Twinkleboost story will start in the new half term.

Happy Easter to you all and we look forward to welcoming you back for new adventures in Forest School after the break!


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