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Forest School Blog WE 4.11.22

Most pupils enjoyed celebrating Halloween at the start of the week, not wanting to be out, Forest School joined in with the fun, made some bats, and made potions containing spiders and other spooky ingredients. The children had fun playing our echolocation game ‘bat and mouse’ where the blindfolded bat seeks the mouse by relying only on the mouse making noises.

Octopus class continued the Halloween feel and used their creativity to make some Halloween pumpkins, bats and monsters using conkers and acorns.

Penguin’s class visited the main Forest School site this week, for their first session as a group. They used their independent enquiring skills to satisfy their natural curiosity and had lots of fun on the obstacle course, in the mud kitchen, making leaf wreaths and working on their fine motor skills.

Rays class have their calendar photoshoot next week and made some colourful headdresses using willow from our very own willow arch. Willow is a very flexible, with long branches, which can be manipulated and wove into various creations. I am sure that we will be seeing the results of all of the children’s hard work in the near future.

Starfish class made independent choices and decided as a group that they would like to use the slack line, as they had seen the other children use it and wanted to try it out for themselves. They also used their creative thinking skills to erect a den, whilst a few of them wanted to make Sonic the Hedgehog using conkers.

Jellyfish class started a new story – The Little Mermaid, continuing the framework of Twinkleboost, who are a Social Enterprise who support children’s communication development through fairy tale themed communication classes. Twinkleboost provide training for practitioners, who once successful complete the theory and face-to-face training, become a Twinkleboost Explorers Licensed Leader.

Please remember to send your child in with old, warm clothes and wellingtons if possible on their Forest School day. However, please do not buy anything new, as they will most likely get dirty. Forest School do have some wellingtons and waterproof clothing should you require it.

Have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire night this weekend.

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