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Forest School Blog - Week Ending 01.04.2022

With spring arriving in the Forest School grounds, it has provided us with a valuable assortment of natural resources. Therefore, the children have taken advantage of our colourful new additions and have been learning about and trying a technique called ‘hapa-zome’.

‘Hapa-zome literally means ‘leaf dye or print’ and is a Japanese technique of hitting flowers or leaves onto a piece of material or wood slice with a stone. The natural juices in the flower transfer onto the material, leaving a colourful imprint.

Other children have been great independent enquirers, demonstrating their memory skills. They have been recalling previously learnt information in Forest School, in order to answer each of the clues on an Easter egg hunt. The children needed to answer each clue to reveal the hidden location of a paper egg. After finding all ten eggs, the children were happy to swap their paper eggs for a real chocolate egg, as a delicious treat and great fun.

Early years pupils enjoyed exploring many various activities, which included using the balance scales, making habitats for woodland creatures, hapa zome and using their curiosity to explore dinosaurs, their habitats and their different footprints.


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