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Forest School Blog - Week Ending 08.04.2022

Classes have continued to be busy this week in Forest School, working as a team and going on an Easter egg hunt. Clues were differentiated for the individual classes. Some classes matched photographs of locations and objects in the Forest School area, whilst the more functional classes applied their mathematical and literacy skills, solving clues incorporating information previously learnt during the sessions to find the location of each egg. The clues were based on tree identification, types of wood we use for our projects such as willow, finding a tree sapling, and a habitat where you could find tadpoles and frogs and mini-beasts. The children did a great job of working together, to ensure that they each received a chocolate egg or reward at the end of the session, to celebrate all of their hard work.

Seals class were creative with their work this week by decorating Easter eggs and using natural resources to make a flower suncatcher. Pupils enjoyed exploring the different textures, smells and colours before sticking them onto a paper frame.

Please remember that our very own Fountains ‘Fred’ the scarecrow is currently being displayed at Garden King in Newhall, Swadlincote. Along with other local schools and nurseries entries, please if you could spare two minutes to vote, for our entry on Facebook by liking and leaving a comment under Fountains. Thank you for your continued support.


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