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Forest School Blog - Week Ending 10.03.2022

At last, the sun has started to shine and is beginning to dry up the mud around our Forest School site. We have had a busy week again and had lots of fun outside in the fresh air.

Fish class had lots of fun listening to the story of Stick Man, by Julia Donaldson and some of the children did an amazing job of reading sections of the story aloud to the rest of the group. We then took a walk through Forest School to find our very own Stick Men. The children enjoyed using their newly learnt skills to whittle a face on their stick using the peelers, before finishing them off with a smiley face.

Seals and Seahorses classes have started their new topic ‘What happens when I fall asleep’ which explores the wonders of the universe and night time. The children have been thinking about what animals may visit the school at night time and have watched night time camera footage. They have explored how animals may find food in the dark and have used their own sense of smell to try and guess the contents. Some of the children were not very keen on the blindfolds and others explored using their sense of taste!

Dolphins class have been also busy using their sense to explore fresh herbs from their topic of ‘The Scented Garden’, which concentrates on everything about plants, herbs and flowers. Where some of the pupils enjoyed using their senses to learn about how different herbs smelt and tasted. Some were more popular than others were and we had one volunteer who wanted to sample the mint tea!

Turtles class did some amazing tool work and made a ‘thaumatrope’ which is a 19th Century toy that shows the persistence of an impression upon the eye. Pupils drilled holes into the wood slices and decorated them independently, before threading the string through to enable them to spin.

Rays, Octopus and Starfish completed the two-week rota of making willow frames to look for signs of spring. The children have demonstrated their self-manager skills though even when they found the challenge of the square lashing technique tricky, their perseverance paid off. They found plenty signs of spring around the Forest School area for example: blossom, daffodils, shoots and leaves developing.


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