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Forest School Blog - Week Ending 25.03.22

The children have had a busy week in Forest School; some of the children have been finishing off Mother’s Day presents whilst others have been working with tools to make some exciting pieces of work.

Turtles class were given a special project this week, to build the body for a local Easter scarecrow competition the school is entering. The competition is based at Garden King in Newhall and our Easter scarecrow ‘Fred’ can be viewed in a special wooded area, along with the rest of the entries. Votes for the best scarecrow can be made via their Facebook page so please keep a look out for our entry and give us your vote!

Some of the other children have been practising their tool work also this week using hammers, nails and hand drills. Pupils really enjoy this part of Forest School as it provides them with a great opportunity to be hands on and learning new skills. Pupils have made thaumatropes and created artwork using wood slices and wool.

Pupils were also given the opportunity to explore mini-beast habitats and natural resources this week. We had a wonderful time reading the Stick Man book and then finding a stick to whittle using peelers, not before finishing their Stick Man with a happy smiley face.


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