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Starfish Newsletter - Autumn Term 2

Welcome back everyone! We’re all excited about the Christmas festivities ahead including trips to the cinema and the theatre to see Sleeping Beauty and of course the Christmas production. The children will continue to learn about the ancient Greeks in our Gods and Mortals topic. Children will investigate how candle wax changes when it heats up, cools, freezes and gets wet. They will explore how these changes contributed to the mythical character Icarus’s fall from the sky. They will also sculpt the Minotaur's head and investigate the island of Crete and the Palace of Knossos using world maps. Draw a simple sketch map to show the shape of the island and use travel brochures and websites to find out why it is popular with today’s traveller.

The children will develop their comprehension skills this term by reading a range of different genres and reflecting on why characters feel a certain way and discuss the meaning of new words. The class will be using their existing knowledge of speed sounds to spell words with common prefixes and suffixes. We will also be focussing on how we use apostrophes and commas in our writing.

In Maths this term, the children will be adding and subtracting 2,3 and 4 digit numbers by crossing 10. They will be using their knowledge of number bonds to 100 and beyond to solve mathematical problems.

Thank you for your continued support. The Starfish team!

Starfish Class Newsletter - Autumn Term 2
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