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Whales Newsletter - Spring Term 2

Welcome back, we hope you all had a great half term holiday.

Before half term we explored our topic about why snakes don’t have legs. We had Animal Magic in school who brought with him a variety of animals including a snake, a rabbit, a lizard and some tortoises. All of our pupils thoroughly enjoyed handling the animals and learning how to care for them.

This half term our topic is: What Happens When I fall Asleep? In this topic we will be asking the questions: Does everyone go to bed at the same time as me? And Why are there stars in the sky at night? We shall also be exploring bedtime routines, the moon and the stars, nocturnal animals, people who work at night, and we shall look at why sleep and rest are important for us. We shall be setting our sensory room up as a space environment with stars and planets.


Download our pdf newsletter below


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